Venture Capital and Private Equity

In progress

Witco is an all-in-one app for more serviced and collaborative spaces

2021 / France / Board : Observer

Software solution called TMS (“transport management system”) which allows transporters to manage their fleet of trucks

2021 / France / Board : Observer



Hosman is a new real estate agency that develops and markets a solution at the crossroads between digital and physical real estate agencies.

2021 / France / Board : Observator



Ledger is a French start-up that designs solutions to secure cryptocurrency wallets.

2021 / France



AOS develops a management software dedicated to all actors of the construction industry.

2021 / France



PeopleSpheres is a company that publishes the first HRIS platform in PaaS (Platform As A Service).

2021 / France / Board : Member



Developer of workstations, servers and cloud technology designed to offer computation devices and products to accelerate human progress

2021 / USA



Zipline is an American medical product delivery company that designs, manufactures, and operates delivery drones.

2021 / France



Sanctuary AI is an artificial general intelligence company.

2021 / Canada

Coinhouse is both an online platform and a physical space for exchanging cryptomoney. The platform allows the purchase, sale and storage of cryptocurrencies.

2021 / France / Board: Observator

Design, development, publishing, operation and marketing of front-end dev solutions and applications.

2021 / France / Board: Member

Digital marketplace dedicated to assist sale of real estate assets.

2017 / France / Board: Member

French leader in geolocation data for players in mobility, distribution, real estate and digital advertising.

2020 / France / Board: Member

Saas and collaborative solution for staff management for restaurants.

2019 / France / Board: Member

End-to-end Cloud Interconnect network which orchestrates client’s connectivity at the application level.

2019 / France

Digital marketplace managing corporate travel booking and expenses.

2019 / France / Board: Member

Niantic is developing a world-leading augmented reality platform for current and future generations of AR equipment.

2019 / USA

Clevy develops conversational chatbots for companies.

2018 / France / Board: Member

Banking IT systems for portfolio management.

2018 / Germany

Serious gaming / e-training.

2018 / Spain / Board: Observator

Online booking marketplace dedicated to hair care providers. LeCiseau merged with Flexy to become Kiute in 2020.

2018 / France / Board: Member


Provider of fund and regulatory reporting services.

2020 / USA

SaaS provider for HR processes.

2021 / France

Leading RegTech platform providing technology solutions that enable financial services companies to meet mandatory regulatory compliance requirements.

2020 / France

Pinterest is an American image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the internet using images and videos, in the form of pinboards.

2020 / USA